Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rustic Flag Sign -- A DIY Craft

At our house, we LOVE our country! My husband and LOVE the 4th of much so, that our wedding was in July (couldn't get the 4th), and our colors were red, white, and blue, with lots of patriotic themed items running throughout.

Just recently, we (actually, I) re-did our guest bathroom (well, doesn't that sound lovely? it's actually just our main bath, which everyone uses.) in a patriotic theme. One of these days I will post photos. But I think this sign would fit perfectly in the theme.

By the way, the bathroom is a hit. It's more Americana than anything, and I love it! A friend used the bathroom shortly after I redecorated, and she said "I didn't know whether I should sit down or stand up!". I love it! Her sense of humor always makes me laugh.

You can learn how to make this sign for yourself at Thrifty Decorating blog.
Just click HERE.

Have fun!

Mama Bear

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