Saturday, February 13, 2010

Comparing Refrigerators to People...

This morning, as I was praying over my breakfast, I think that God revealed something pretty cool to me. We have just moved from a tiny apartment to a house, with lots of space for our growing family. Before we even moved, we prayed about things that we needed to get for the new a washer and dryer, a refrigerator, couches, and more. God has blessed us SO much by GIVING us all of these things and more. Seriously! He used other people in our lives to bless us with a FREE washer and dryer, a FREE refrigerator, TWO FREE couches, a free dresser, and much more.

So as I was praying, I thanked God for every good and perfect gift that comes from Him. Even refrigerators that need a GOOD cleaning inside. I feel that God showed me the comparison between me and that refrigerator. He gave us that refrigerator, and it's a good and perfect gift. It's not new. And it's surely NOT clean inside. But isn't that just like me? I was not clean on the inside when He saved me from my sin. I STILL sin, and so my cleaning (sanctification) is a daily, even hourly process. Just like the refrigerator, which we will give a good, deep cleaning (kind of like salvation), my heart will get dirty again because of my sin. But praise God, for Jesus, whose blood was shed for my filthiness.

As I clean the refrigerator, I will remember what Christ has done for me, and I will thank Him and praise Him for giving me a clean heart that is washed by the blood of Christ. And I will thank Him for the good and perfect gift of the refrigerator.

Mama Bear