Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More Summer Reading With the Kids

Last week, we went to the library again to get some more kids' books, because the kids are ALL three loving the books we've gotten. Each night, after dinner, we try to take a walk, and then come home to a little story time before it's time for the little ones to go to bed.

I love how my teenager runs into the room and plops down
on the couch, so that he can hear the stories too.

Here are some of the books we've read recently.
"It's Quacking Time" by Martin Waddell (don't you just love the last name?)
A cute story about a little duck family who are waiting for
their egg to hatch.

"A Taste of Colored Water" by Matt Faulkner
I totally didn't expect this book. It's a great story to
read to your kids when they want to know about
the time in history where there were separate
water fountains, bathrooms, cafes, hotels, etc.,
based on your skin color. It's sad that there are still people
who value you based on your skin color. This story is a great
teaching tool, with a commentary in the back, from the author.

"The Name Quilt" by Phyllis Root
It's a book about quilts? I'll take it!
This is a fun story about a little girl who
is spending the summer at her grandma's house,
and her grandma tells her stories that come from
the names of family members, sewn into the quilt.
So good to share your stories! What great memories!

Are you reading this summer? I'd love to hear what you're reading!

Mama Bear

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