Wednesday, February 4, 2009

We Can No Longer Postpone the Inevitable

We need to move the crib mattress down to its last position. It was inevitable that our little guy would be comfortable enough with his safety in our home, that he would eventually try to fly out of the crib. Seriously...they must be thinking, "If I can just get over this rail, I can FLY!".

In order to get a shower on Papa Bear's work days, I have to put Baby Bear in his crib, which is STILL in our bedroom, and then hop in the shower. I'm close. The bathroom is right there. I turn on Sesame Street, thinking that will be more than enough to keep this little guy mesmerized. WRONG! He has to think about escape. About flight. About anything other than being a sweet and good little boy by staying in the crib while Mommy gets her shower.

I'm halfway into shaving my left leg, and I hear this THUD!, and then "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Yep, he took a flying leap out of the crib. I'm probably a bad Mama Bear, but I couldn't feel any sympathy for him. We have told him over and over not to try to climb out. We catch him with one foot stretching toward that railing, and we say "NO! You can't climb out!". Oh yes he can! And he did!

I have to laugh about it now, but I'm sure he hurt for a few moments. I had him sit on the bathroom floor until I was done, which in and of itself, is a HUGE temptation for him, because he loves to play with the bathroom scale. The one that we have programmed to record our before and after weight, along with the percentage of weight lost. Yep, he loves to push buttons.

So, I think this weekend, we will be moving the crib into Brother Bear's room, and we will be lowering the mattress to the next notch down...the lowest notch. I know, it will only keep him in for awhile. But that's a whole 'nother story for sometime later down the road..."Looking for Toddler Beds".

Take care!
Mama Bear


  1. Yeah, it's about time for me to start looking for toddler beds. Yuck. Shiloh is two and a half and she hasn't figured out how to climb out of her crib, but I know I need to put her in a toddler bed before too long. I'm not ready...

  2. Uhmm, yes, we had the exact same problem with Nate a few weeks back. Only sad thing is that DH was *in the room* with him when he decided to fly!

    Boys, I swear... ;)

  3. Yep, we're there too. Ladybug climbed out last week and konked herself pretty good. She can't climb out of the pack n play, so we're using that for now. And it's for the same reason - so I can shower!