Friday, February 6, 2009

Digital Scrapbooking Vs. Paper Scrapbooking

I have been "paper scrapbooking" for about 13 years now...having started when Brother Bear had 5 strokes at the age of 2, and we needed a way for him to "re-learn" things. Scrapbooking seemed like the natural way to go. I think that I have come a long way with the paper scrapbooking. But now, I have found a new love, and there is a closet shelf full of dusty "tangible" scrapbooking supplies that are feeling sorely neglected. Anyone in the market for some scrapbooking supplies? :-)

My new love, which I discovered about three years ago, is digital scrapbooking. I LOVE it! No glue, no paper scraps, no messes ALL over the dining room table, no having to clean it all up when hubby comes home because we want to eat dinner, no glitter that hangs out on the carpet and your socks and your skin and your husband and son!

My favorite place to buy digital scrapbooking kits is Designer Digitals. They have a HUGE amount of kits, elements, brushes, and more, to choose from. I also like Shabby Shoppe and Little Dreamer Designs.

Here are some of my scrapbooking pages. Oh, and which style of scrapbooking do YOU prefer? I'd love to hear why...and I'd LOVE to see some of your layouts!

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  1. I'm a paper scrapbooker myself, but I've never tried digital. I'm sure I would enjoy it, but do you actually print it out? I want to be able to look through a book, and not just on a computer. I think I need more info on digital. Is it about the same cost?