Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Have the Best Husband in the World!

Seriously! None can compare. Baby Bear is sick. I am sick. Papa Bear is sick. Brother Bear is just getting over being sick. We all have this runny nose, sore throat, cough thing that is going around. Not fun! Papa Bear went to work yesterday after a three day weekend. No Valentine's Day dinner out at the little fondue restaurant in Saratoga. No church on Sunday. No marriage class either. No Monterey Bay Aquarium visit with a lunch of sourdough bread, roast beef, and Cottswald cheese on Monday. We were pretty bummed.

But what does Papa Bear do? Everything he can to make sure I have to do as little as possible. He has been washing the dishes and doing all the errands lately, because he knows I haven't been feeling well at all. Plus I have the whole day with Baby Bear who is also not feeling well at all, and is not showing his normally joyful and happy side, for really the first time since he's been with us.

Papa Bear, you rock! And I love you so much! I'm so thankful that God brought you to me. He knew that I would need someone like you. I'm sorry I haven't been myself lately. I hope that we're all over this ickiness soon!

Mama Bear

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  1. Hope you guys all feel better soon. I'm home from work today with a sick baby. So far I feel okay, so I hope I don't catch it...