Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Reviewing Ice Cream? Absolutely!

Around our house, we LOVE ice cream. Yesterday, Papa Bear brought home a new kind of ice cream....Blueberry Pomegranate Sugar Cone Ice Cream from Sunnyside Farms. It's described on the carton as "Vanilla Ice Cream Sprinkled with Milk Chocolate Covered Artificially Flavored Sugar Cone and Laced with Pomegranate Blueberry Ripple". It's a very creamy vanilla ice cream with just a light ripple of the pomegranate and blueberry. We tasted more of the blueberry than the pomegranate. The sugar cone was amazing! Just like if you got a chocolate dipped waffle cone from Cold Stone Creamery. So yummy! I mean, pretty much any ice cream with chocolate covered something in it is good in my book!

Papa Bear's Verdict: Oh! It was goodlicious! I really like the crumpled up sugar cone in it. That was a good idea!

Mama Bear's Verdict: Pretty yummy! I like the chocolate covered sugar cone. The only thing that I would like to see different is having a bit more of the "ripple" in it. There's not a whole lot of ripple. Maybe it's just this batch, but I would have loved to have tasted more fruit...especially the pomegranate. Not to where it would overpower it or anything, but there was really not a lot of ripple...I'm not exaggerating.

(Brother Bear was sick, and therefore not able to give his verdict.)

Will we purchase this flavor again? Most definitely.

Mama Bear

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