Thursday, August 11, 2011


Sometimes I wonder how we ever fit all of our STUFF in a small 2 bedroom apartment! Granted, we have added furniture and clothing as we have added children, but still! We have a garage that is full to overflowing with STUFF!!! I am not good at organizing or staying organized. I am not good at getting rid of stuff. There's always that thought, "I'm sure this will come in handy some day". I have a really tough time getting rid of stuff. Some of it for sentimental reasons, but some because I'm kind of a thrifty, use and re-use kind of person. Or, I think "We could probably sell this at a yard sale.", but seriously! When am I going to have the time and energy to prepare STUFF for a yard sale? I just need to be able to get rid of STUFF without looking regrets.

I'm SO tired of all the STUFF!!! (I dread the thought of ever having to move again with all this STUFF!!!) I want to organize, simplify, purge, throw out! Then I look at everything and feel simply overwhelmed at the HUGE task. I don't know where to start.

I am so grateful for friends and family who have been so generous with us and have given us clothes, toys, books, etc., but at some point, we need to learn to say "No, thank you.".

I am a visualizer. I can see neat, orderly rows of tubs with labels stating what is in each tub. If only I could turn that visualization into reality. Papa Bear would LOVE me for that! (I mean, he already loves me dearly, but I know that he would love that we are able to get things organized and get rid of stuff.)

Here's where I could use your help. What advice can you give? What organizing tips do you have? What's the best way to get started? What's the best way to part with STUFF?

I'd love to get your input!

Mama Bear

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