Saturday, August 20, 2011

Even More Summer Reading With the Kids

It's been awhile since I did our last "Summer Reading with Kids" post, so I figured I had better do it before we take these books back to the library on Monday.

The Christmas Ship by Dean Morrissey
This is a book my 4 year old picked out, and we just read it the other night. This is such a whimisically illustrated book, that it is half of the fun of the book. Read about a toymaker who is in danger of losing his shop in a tough economy, and about how a kids and Santa himself help the toymaker out with his dilemma.

Ruby Sings the Blues by Niki Daly
This book is perfect for little ones who haven't learned the lesson of "indoor voices". It's about a little girl with a VERY loud voice, and how she was able to use it in a good way. It's fun to read this book as it reads...loud parts and soft parts.

Picnic at Mudsock Meadow by Patricia Polacco

I love reading books like this, that seem to come right out of the author's own life. This book is a good one to read around Halloween. It's about a town Halloween party, and a boy who is at a bit of an awkward stage in life, but has a "hero moment".

Easy as Pie by Cari Best
I am a Food Network addict, so I could totally relate to this book, where a boy watches his favorite chef on TV, and then proceeds to make a peach pie for his parents' anniversary. AND, there's a recipe for Happy Peach Pie on the back cover of the book!

Trouble in the Barker's Class by Tomie DePaola
If your child has ever dealt with being a new kid, or even with bullying, this is the perfect book to read, and then discuss both issues. There's a new girl in the Barker twins' class at school, and rather than being nice and kind, she's mean and has a tendency to bully.
Find out why in the book! I'll bet you can relate to her!

Have fun reading with your kids. It's SO good for them AND for you!
I'd love to hear what books you've been reading to your little ones.

PS...I have not been compensated in any way by the authors, the illustrators, or
I simply enjoy being able to share with you, a love for the books that we have been reading.

Mama Bear

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