Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mariani Premium Ultimate Apricots

There used to be a time when I thought I didn't like dried fruits like prunes and apricots. That was a LONG time ago. Now, I'm so glad my tastes have changed. We have a super tasty, healthy superhero when it comes to helping us lose weight and get healthy....Dried Apricots.
Here's what the back of the bag says: "Bursting with flavor, Mariani Premium Ultimate Apricots are specially prepared and slightly sweetened with a natural fruit essence. Sun-ripened to full maturity, our apricots are tender and juicy. Spectacular in color and flavor, no other Mediterranean apricot can compare!"
That's kind of what I said too, when I first tasted one. Seriously. I actually told my husband "It feels like I'm biting into a bit of sunshine." I know. Corny. It's ok. These apricots are SO yummy that I have to be careful how many I eat. I will sit there and snack on them, not thinking about how much fiber I'm taking in!
The Mariani apricots have no added sugar, have 0g of fat, 400mg of potassium, 6g of Dietary Fiber, and even 1g of Protein! And that's just for a 1/4 cup serving.
I would encourage you to try some Mariani Apricots too. We got ours at Costco. YUM! YUM!
Mama Bear

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  1. Mmmm... I love dried fruits! I didn't like dried apricots when I was a kid, but I sure do like 'em now!

    Thanks for sharing!