Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I have this list of things to get done today. I was so proud because yesterday I went out and bought a day planner...one that has a WHOLE PAGE for each day! That way, I can write down what I want to accomplish for the day. Yesterday, I ended up crossing off 14 out of 19 items. Pretty good, huh?! Not so with today.

Baby Bear just started back at "school" today, after not being there for a whole month. I put taking him to school on my list. I didn't count on the fact that 1/2 hour after I put him down for his morning nap, he decides it's time to go "stinkies" in his diaper. So of course, he's not sleeping...even though I really need him to sleep because he has school at 12:15! So, with diaper changed, I put him back down for his nap. I didn't get much done between that time and the time I had to go get ready to leave.

Then, after school, we went back to the house to get the stroller so that we could walk today. No, the stroller wasn't in the trunk, where it normally is. Yes, I had to go and get it, and put it in the trunk. Yes, Baby Bear got upset when the stroller went into the trunk, instead of him going into the stroller. He didn't understand that we had to drive before we could walk. I drove down to the local park, nearest Brother Bear's high school. We got said stroller OUT of the trunk, and walked the almost full mile to the school. When Brother Bear got out, we walked the almost full mile BACK. Yes, I'm POOPED! I don't get much exercise. That's going to change this year, but it didn't help much for today. I do know that I will sleep well tonight! Unless I happen to fall asleep while typing...................................................................................huh? what? who said that? Oh, sorry, I guess I dozed off. I think it would help to get to bed earlier tonight!

So, now that it's almost time for Papa Bear to come and get Brother Bear for jujitsu, I've still not gotten much done. Bed is not made. Dishes are not done. Laundry isn't done...just started. Prescription didn't get picked up. Only 3 of the 14 things on my list have been crossed off. Dinner is nowhere near being ready. Can we call in for pizza? Papa Murphy, are you there? Yeah, we'd like to place an order. Papa Bear, can you pick up some pizza on the way home? You know, the one WE cook. So it actually looks like I cooked dinner tonight? Thanks! Love ya!

Mama Bear

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  1. Hi Angie-

    As I (JUST TODAY) got Christmas taken down..I can totally relate to this post! Whew! I'm pooped!!
    I always have been told that if you can just get ONE (1) item done on your list...well, you have achieved part of your goal...and then, there is always tomorrow!

    I love your blog and hope you can check out mine too!