Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Resolutions--Yes or No?

Well, the countdown is beginning...there's bubbly being bought by the caseload...Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper are getting their makeup on for the big ball drop. Our house is quiet. Baby Bear is down for a late 2nd nap, so that he can stay up a little longer tonight. Papa Bear just got home, and brought ICE CREAM! YUM! It's from Whole Foods, so it's healthy, right?

We're fixing Turkey Pita Tacos for dinner, along with Spanish Rice. Want the recipes? I'll post them a little further down the road.

On to the subject at hand. Do you make New Year's Resolutions? Why or why not? Do you keep them? Why or why not?

If I were to make New Year's Resolutions, here is what I would do. And these aren't listed in order of importance.

1. Get healthy! I guess that's pretty much on everyone's list, right? I mean, lose weight (see my "Looking for a few good women" post further down), start eating better, and really starting to enjoy or at least try to enjoy exercising.

2. Spend more time in the Word. I always say that I'm going to, but it just seems to fall by the wayside with all of my "busyness"! Lord, please forgive me. I want to do better.

3. Have a REAL family night each week...not just the family sitting in front of the TV to watch a movie. Family night can be a little more challenging with a toddler and a teen.

4. Really, seriously de-clutter my home! I want a beautiful, cozy, and welcoming cottage-style home. (I could use some decorating tips!) We live in a tiny apartment, with all four of us, so sometimes it's tough. But I need to get rid of a LOT of STUFF! Really! There are some things in my home that haven't seen daylight since we moved in. Are those things really that important to me????

5. Have a date with Papa Bear every other week. We have only had 2 dates in the last 7 months, so this is one we seriously need to work on! I need Papa Bear time!

I think that's enough, don't you? So, tell me what your thoughts are on all of this.

Have a safe and Happy New Year!!!
Mama Bear

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