Wednesday, December 24, 2008

And So We Begin...

Today is Christmas Eve, 2008, and what am I doing? Well, let's see...the bed isn't made. Papa Bear will grumble. No, not really. Baby Bear is NOT taking his nap, and so will be quite a handful tonight at our family's Christmas Eve Party. I'm thinking he'll be ready to crash about 7:30. Brother Bear is lying on the floor, playing his DS. He's been a great help today.

I still don't have my hair done, my makeup on, or my "party" clothes on. I would rather sit here and start a new blog. Not like I don't have enough other things to do. There is peanut britttle cooling on the counter. Lemon Bars are cooling on the table. Fudge is cut and ready to plate. Cookies are bagged and ready to plate too. Papa Bear just got off work at 4pm, and is doing one last run to the grocery store to get eggs and ice, because I used the rest of the eggs in the Lemon Bars, and the ice is quicklyl dwindling because it's HOT in here, what with all the baking and candy making! A Mama Bear needs her ice water!

I feel a little bad about not quite wanting to "party" tonight, but I'm tired! Since our new little cub joined us in May, I have been pooped! I never realized that having a teenager and a toddler could wear one out so much. I don't know how my mom did it...and there were four other kids in between!!! Mom, I TOTALLY respect and commend you for keeping it all together and making things so special for our family...especially Christmas. Looking back, I can't remember the hectic...only the wonder and magic and excitement. I'm sorry I wasn't a better help to you; although I should've been, being the #2 kid, and the #1 girl. I love ya Mom!

Well, I guess I'd better start getting ready. That means going into the bedroom where Baby Bear probably hasn't fallen asleep yet. URG! That's where the clothes, makeup, hairbrush, and curling iron all reside. Yep, you guessed it...Baby Bear sleeps in the Mama/Papa den. We have a teeny little den (apartment), so we have to make do however we can. But next month, Baby Bear is moving in with Brother Bear, let me tell ya! Papa Bear and Mama Bear need our lives back!

Hey! Have a Merry Christmas if you should happen to read this post. Oh, and Feliz Navidad too! God bless you all this Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Good Night,
Mama Bear


  1. Hi Angie,
    Love your new site :) Hope you had a great holiday.

    Katherine Boothe

  2. PS- if you are still offering help, I don't need a re-design- rather help with A design :) I want to start a blog and don't have one yet! Katherine

  3. I forgot to ask...did you get two comments about the re-design? I'd love to have your ideas on our Christmas site!