Saturday, December 27, 2008

UGH! The Bug!

Well, I knew it had to happen sooner or later. Papa Bear's side of the family is taking turns getting the stomach flu, and we were with them on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It started with my little 16 month old niece, and it made the rounds.

Last night, we had some good friends over for dinner, and right in the middle of eating, Brother Bear (the fifteen year old) laid his head on his arms on the table. He's a little bit of an actor anyways, but we asked him "What's wrong?". He said that his stomach hurt, so we sent him immediately to his room to lie down.

We sat back down and were just chatting, when out of nowhere, my phone rings, with the ring tone that is only my son's when he calls me from his cell phone. I answer, "What's wrong?". He says "I need you." I went into his room and got assaulted, both visually and scentually. Papa Bear had put a wastebasket somewhat close to Brother Bear's bed, but Brother Bear doesn't get up out of bed quickly, because of his disabilities and because he's in a bunk bed...on the bottom.

You guessed it...he totally missed the bucket. Cleaning up pizza and soda was not my favorite part of the evening! And it didn't stop there. But he did manage to get it in the bucket from then on. We made him drink the magic potion: Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey Tea. Any time any of us feel anything gastrological coming on, we don't run for the Pepto. We run for the ACV. We pretty much swear by it, and it really does work.

Put 2 tablespoons of ACV and 2 tablespoons of honey into a mug. Fill the rest of the way with water, and nuke (microwave) it. Stir well and drink like a tea. I promise you, it will do the trick. I had Brother Bear drink a cup under duress. Just kidding...I told him that I was going to count to 15 and not leave his room until he had downed at least 1/2 the cup. Then I told him that if he missed the bucket again, he was going to clean it up. I'm such a loving and nurturing mom, huh?! If there's one thing that makes me gag...

The bucket and potty were his friends pretty much all night. I made him another cup of the magic potion before I went to bed around Midnight. I got him comfortable, because he had squeezed his big teenage body into the bathroom with pillows and blankets and wastebasket and all. I checked on him around 5:30 to see how he was feeling. He told me that he drank the other cup of potion, and hadn't thrown up since about 3am. YAY!

I went back to bed, to awaken to the sounds of Baby Bear coughing...a LOT! I prayed and prayed that he wouldn't get sick. 2 year olds do not know how to NOT miss the bucket! It would've been ALL over the place! It seemed to be just a little bit of congestion, but just to be safe, Papa Bear gave him some of the magic potion in a medicine dropper when he got up this morning. Papa got up with Baby around 7am, and let me sleep in until about 10:30.

Brother Bear has not had any more projectile episodes since he finished the other cup of potion. Whew! Hopefully we've seen the last of it.

As I type, I have another cup of the magic potion sitting on the desk in front of me, waiting for me to drink it. I will head this bug off at the pass!

Tip: Do not leave your TV tray without wiping up the trace of honey that was on your cup. You WILL have ants in the morning! Bears aren't the only ones who love honey.

Hey, have a healthy and safe weekend!

Mama Bear

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