Sunday, December 28, 2008

Movie Review --- Eagle Eye

Have you seen Eagle Eye? I know, it came out in the theater quite some time ago, but we typically wait for movies to come out on DVD.

So, last night, Papa Bear rented Eagle Eye from RedBox. I really like Shia LeBoeuf, and this looked pretty intense, so I thought it would be good. We really like to watch this kind of movie, so I was hoping that it would come through for us.

And it delivered! This was pretty much an edge of your seat kind of movie. There was plenty of fact, there pretty much wasn't a single dull moment for me. The camera just seemed to keep going and going...kind of like the Energizer Bunny. Most of the acting in this movie was good. I don't have complaints there.

I don't want to give anything away, but I will mention it was a bit "Big Brother"-ish. No, not the reality TV show, but the George Orwell "Big Brother". The thought that all of our conversations can be heard because of our electronics is a little scary. Cell phones, MP3's, GPS's...pretty much anything with a computer chip can be an antenna for all of our conversations. YIKES!

I do think they could've wrapped up the end of the movie a little better. It seemed like they ran out of time and kind of gave a watery ending. They only weakly established what the woman on the other end of the phone represented, and it never got any stronger from my perspective. I think there could've been a little more of a foundation given there.

A little terrorism goes a long way in this movie. These days, since 9/11, you can never be too sure who is the "terrorist". Especially with the help of Hollywood. Is it the music teacher? The unassuming paralegal? The copy manager? The soldier? The Secretary of Defense? Hmmm...

The only thing I could've really done without on this movie, was all the bad language. Fortunately we have a DVD player that has TVG (TV Guardian), and with Closed Caption movies, it mutes out the bad words and puts up a substitute phrase in closed captioning. This movie was also fairly violent and has some gross images. It is rated PG-13, and we would've allowed Brother Bear to see it if he had been feeling better.

What did YOU think of it?

Have a wonderful week!

Mama Bear

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  1. We just saw this movie 2 nights ago and it was an edge of your seat for the whole movie-MOVIE! We loved it!