Saturday, September 17, 2011

I Need Help Deciding...

I have these four pieces of fabric, and I plan on making two peasant dresses for my little girlie bear. Here's my dilemma: Which should be the main portion of the dresses and which should be the sleeves and "tuxedo" ruffles?

The dresses will be similar to this one, but possibly with three little "tuxedo" ruffles, instead of just one, like what is shown:

Here's what I am thinking: Using the two similar fabrics (each are only 2 colors) as the main body of the dresses, with the fabrics to the left of them in the photo as the sleeves and ruffles. But maybe I should do it the other way around, so that the smaller prints are the main bodies of the dresses. AGHHHH! See why I need your help??
What do you think? I would appreciate your input!

Mama Bear

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  1. I think for the top one the main part of the dress should be the material on the bottom with the red dots on it and the sleeves should be of the material with the solid effect(the top material)

    the main dress should be the material with the solid effect and the sleeves should be of the material with the red flowers on it,as it is too busy for a childs dress. Hope this helps. Let us see the dress when they are finished...