Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Birthday Celebration

This picture was taken on the very first day we met our baby girl.

A Very Happy 2nd Birthday to our Little Princess Diva Bear.
Yesterday was actually her birthday, but today we are having her party.

We prayed for this baby, and put our application in, in August 2009 to get a baby girl to adopt through foster care. In October of 2009, we got a call from our caseworker, saying they had a baby who wasn't yet two months old (born 09-09-09, sharing her birthday with my father-in-law), whose birth mom was pretty young and in foster care herself. Would we be interested in taking the baby, knowing that she could potentially end up going back with birth mom? We said "Absolutely!". We left it in God's hands, all the while praying that we would be picked out of the 12 families who were put forth as possible families for this precious little baby.

We were leaving to go to our church's family retreat a week later, when we got a call from our caseworker. She said, "Congratulations!", and I nearly screamed! I was SO giddy and happy and excited, even though we didn't know whether or not we would get to keep her.

But we did get to keep her. Her adoption was finalized on February 14th of this year.

She is a pistol, and smart as a whip. She is tender, and is quick to say "Sorry". She randomly comes up and rubs against me like a little kitty cat and says "I love you". She is full of life, full of energy, full of spunk, full of joy. She loves her brothers. She loves books. She has a little elephant snugly named Ellie, whom she sleeps with nearly every night. She has loads and loads of curls, and she cries every time I do her hair. She asks for a bow (hairbow) every morning when she wakes up. She scrunches her nose when she smiles. She loves Apple Jacks and "salad" (tomatoes and cucumbers). She loves to be rambunctious.

We are so blessed to have this precious little girl as our daughter. We love her and pray that she will come to know God at an early age. We pray that she lives up to her name meanings: Sophia (wisdom) Grace (grace) Angela (messenger of God). We pray that she will develop a gentle and sweet spirit. We pray that she will love those around her and be always ready to tell others about Jesus. We pray that we will be the best parents we can be, always pointing her to the cross. Thank you, God, for blessing us with this little girl.

Mama Bear

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  1. We don't know each other, but I am a follower of yours. Happy Birthday sweet girl. She is adorable and I am so happy that she is all yours finally. May god continue blessing your family.