Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Going to the Dentist

Going to the dentist equals high blood pressure, tears, and near hyperventilation. At least for me it does. I went for a period of 18 years without going to the dentist because it creates SUCH anxiety for me! I try praying through the appointment, and it doesn't work, only because I still am anxious and have "fear", even though I wouldn't if I were truly able to let go of it and allow God to bring me peace.

I went to the dentist on Tuesday to get a cleaning and 3 fillings. I was trying to be a big girl about it and thought I could just do the nitrous oxide (laughing gas) thing, and all would go well. HA! No such thing! The dentist numbed my gums while I breathed heavy and cried. That was of course, after the x-rays and the polishing. Then she gave the shots. My right side went all tingly and I felt like I was going to shake right out of the chair. When they took my blood pressure before they would let me leave the office, it was 140/93 or something like that. Normally, I run about 113/70.

Apparently, I can not get through a dentist appointment without tears, but at least I have a WONDERFUL and VERY sympathetic dentist (unlike my LAST dentist....UGH with a double UGH!). She asked me what I wanted to do. I told her that I would try the nitrous oxide, but my nose was too stuffy from crying and all of the anxiety-producing mucous. Sorry. I know. TMI. But it's true! And you have to breathe through your nose to get the gas. But I couldn't. Now I have to come back with my hubby, who can drive me to and from my appointment, AND make payment to the dentist office. I guess if you're taking an oral sedative, you can't pay for your visit. Which makes me giggle. :-)

So, next month, I will be paying nearly $200 more, so that I can not remember anything about getting three cavities filled. To me, it's TOTALLY worth it!

How are you with the dentist? What helps you relax? Are you like me? Or is it a walk in the park for you?

Hey, have a blessed day!

Mama Bear


  1. I hate dentists too so you are not alone my friend. I also wonder who the heck would want to be a dentist, and why? I mean do they just wake up one morning and go "I want to stare down peoples mouths for and living." or "I know what I want to do Mommy. I want to yank peoples teeth out and poke around their mouth when I grow up." I mean really, who would even think that?


  2. I’m glad you still decided to go to the dentist even though you’re not comfortable with it. It’s not uncommon for some people to not want to go the dentist. The number one reason is that they are scared; second is the cost. But no matter what your reason is, going to the dentist will definitely help your teeth get healthier. Also, detecting early damages just might save you from terrible illnesses connected to bleeding gums.

  3. It's a good thing that you still chose to go to the dentist, even though that you really don't want to. Well, the main reason that you've decided to go to the dentist is for the oral sedatives, right? Heheh. It's a good thing that your dentist has that type of procedure. So, how was your visit? For me, I'm good with a dentist. I trust him with his skill, and steady hands, and that for me, is enough to make me feel comfortable.

  4. Hello, Angie! Didn't your dentist tell you that there's another way to induce you into a relaxed state? Basically, the one that you're pertaining to is inhaling nitrous oxide. On the other hand, some dentists give their patients benzodiazepine pills before the appointment, this can cause the patient to be in a highly relaxed state for at least 4 hours. So, a patient needs someone who can transport him home.

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