Thursday, July 7, 2011

There's a New Grocery Store in Town

Sprouts Farmer's Market

This is our newest grocery store. It's technically in the next city over from us, but since they all run together, it's practically in our town. They had their grand opening this past weekend, and I just visited today, for the first time. I went specifically for 4 things: Cantaloupe, white peaches, nectarines, and plums.

I came home with more than those 4 things. Here is what I bought:

1.19 pounds of Black Plums at $0.39/lb.

2.53 pounds of broccoli crowns at $0.99/lb.

3 cantaloupe at $0.99 each

2 cucumbers at $0.49 each

1 bunch of green onions at $0.49

2.05 pounds of nectarines at $0.39/lb.

1 bunch of parsley for $0.49

2.19 pounds of white peaches @$0.39/lb.

2 one pound bags of organic tortilla chips

My total for this transaction: $13.54! I could hardly believe it! A lot of their other items are a bit on the pricey $3.49 for 8 flour tortillas. Won't be buying tortillas there any time soon! But, for us, it's completely worth it to go there for JUST the produce! I believe it's much cheaper than ALL of the other grocery stores in town, including Trader Joe's!

Another great thing about this store, is that I got a receipt that measured about 5" long, with half of the transaction printed on the back, instead of a 10" receipt with nothing on the back, or with ads or coupons I'll never use, on the back. Way to go on helping cut down on waste!

You should check to see if there is a Sprouts Farmer's Market near you. Right now, they are in California, Arizona, Colorado, and Texas.

Have a blessed day!

Mama Bear

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