Friday, October 14, 2011

Please May I Come In?

"Please may I come in?"

This is a phrase I hear almost every day.  My little ones want to be wherever we are...wherever I am.  And when I'm trying to get ready for the day (hair, makeup, using the potty, etc.), or when I'm making the bed, I always have someone hanging around outside our bedroom door, asking that question.

Since Papa Bear and I got married, we have had the rule that our children must knock and ask if they can come in to our room.  They are not allowed to just barge in uninvited.  They don't come in during the middle of the night or wee hours of the morning and climb in bed with us.  They do not come in our room and "play" or whatever else they can come up with doing in our bedroom.  It's kind of funny, because it's like our bedroom is this very cool, mysterious place of wonder and excitement, as much as we get asked that question.

But it's not.

It's just our bedroom.

Our sanctuary.

It's not neat and tidy.  It's nothing super ornate.  It's not what you see in the photo above (although I wish it was, because I LOVE the look of that room!!!).  No, it's just OUR room.  It's just about the only place in our house where we can have a little privacy, and it doesn't have kids' toys or clothing strewn everywhere.

One day, our room will be a beautiful, romantic sanctuary, but for now, it's simple and functional.  It's where Papa Bear and I are comfortable and know that we can hang out without the kids coming in.  Not to say they don't knock on the door on a regular basis, or stand outside the closed door begging to come in.  But they know the rule.  They HAVE to ask to come in, and they have to be given permission.

And we love it that way!

Mama Bear

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