Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Something I Don't Like About Trader Joe's

I am not the kind of mom who needs to have my kids on organic foods only. I am not saying there's ANYTHING bad about that, it's just not for me. So, we don't do the majority of our shopping at Trader Joe's. But we do like to get the Two-Buck Chuck wines from there, as well as our bagged salad, and some fruits and veggies, because they tend to be a little cheaper than the big grocery store chains. We also love the organic Tortilla Chips from Trader Joe's, not to mention the Belgian Chocolate (which I have mentioned before on this blog). There are quite a few things we get from Trader Joe's that I really like.

But something that I DON'T like about Trader Joe's, is that they don't offer coupons! Why is that? I really, really, REALLY wish they would offer coupons! Even if it's just an in-store coupon. I always like leaving a store feeling as if I've saved a little money, after I use coupons. I normally leave Trader Joe's, cringing at the amount on the receipt...or I cringe when my hubby brings the receipt home.

Trader Joe's, please offer coupons!!!!

Mama Bear

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