Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Keeping Up With Baby Bear's Words

Baby Bear is talking a lot these days. Today, she turned 14 months old, and she has a lot to say. I wanted to put down "on paper" her vocabulary as of today, so that I will remember when I have the time to scrapbook about it. Now, granted, all of these words are not all coming out phonetically correct, but we know what she's saying and so does she.

The List:

Mama (and Mommy), Dada (and Daddy), Bubba, Erick, shoe, sock, play, pray, boppy, please, thank you, baby, no, sorry, book, Bible, bow (she asks for me to put a bow in her hair each morning when she wakes up), bye-bye, hi, cheese (for pictures), kitty, meow, moo, car, bird, duck, bath, elmo, show, out, up, night-night, turtle, hat, shirt, uh-oh, doctor, guy (which sounds like "die"), more, toes, ear, hair, mouth, moon, ........

I'm thinking....I'm thinking....

Mama Bear

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