Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween with Two Very Cute Little People and a Great Big Brother

(Little Bear as "Woody", with his preschool class)

Normally, our family isn't big on celebrating Halloween. It's just not a big holiday for us. For others, including my sister-in-law, it's when their height of creativity really comes out, what with decorated yards, imaginative costumes, etc.

But this year, things were different. Because we have an almost 4 year old, and a 1 year old, along with our 17 year old. It became a little more fun for us. Our little guy is COMPLETELY and UTTERLY obsessed with Woody from Toy Story. He has these little figures that are about 3 inches tall, of Buzz and Woody, that he used to be able to take to bed with him. We made him tuck his little friends into his pillowcase each night. That stopped the night we heard screams and cries coming from the bedroom. I thought he had had a bad dream, but Papa Bear knew exactly what happened, the minute we opened the door. By the way, the screams came from the dark room Little Bear and Baby Bear share, and where Baby Bear was fast asleep...until the screams.

We saw Little Bear with his rear end up in the air, and he was face down...with his arm stuck in the bed railing. See, Woody must have somehow jumped out of his pillowcase to play with Little Bear, when they should have been sleeping. Papa Bear said, "He's stuck...Woody fell." Yep, that about sums it up. Woody fell between the bed and the wall, and Little Bear was trying to reach him, only he couldn't, because Woody was hiding under the bed. From that point on, Woody and Buzz had to stay out in the toy box when Little Bear went to bed. YAY! No more late night parties in the kids' bedroom!

So, here are some photos from our Halloween week. I hope you enjoy.

On Saturday evening, we carved our pumpkins.

(Bubba Bear, with the template for his pumpkin.)

(Getting ready to carve the pumpkins.)

(The finished products. Mama Bear did the one on the left. Bubba Bear did the one on the right. Pretty cool, huh?! We taped our templates on, then poked holes with thumbtacks and subsequent thumb cramps, to create the design. Then, Mama Bear cut out on the dotted lines.)

(Spooky...all lights of the finished pumpkins.)

(On Sunday, after church, we took our kids over to Grandma and Poppa's house so they could see the kids in costume.)

(We had two costumes for Baby Bear, that were given to us, but both were for much cooler weather, and it was actually in the high 70s on Halloween! So we ended up buying her this little kitty costume on Halloween day.)

(Baby Bear had just woken up from her nap on the way home from the grandparents' house, and didn't want me -- Mama Bear -- to put her down to get pictures.)

(Our very happy "Woody")

This last photo is of the two little ones as we waited for trick-or-treaters. "Woody" didn't want to come to the door when they showed up though, because there were "bad guys" (scary costumes). We had to coax him out from behind our legs when there weren't "bad guys" at the door, so that the could enjoy all of the "good" costumes.

Bubba Bear ended up going to a Christian rap concert with our good friend, Eric. They went and saw LeCrae in Richmond, and had a GREAT time! If you like rap, or if you don't, you should check out LeCrae...he has an amazing and very straight-forward Gospel message in his music!

Costumes will be put away until next year. Oh, wait, the "Woody" costume will likely get more use. Little Bear would wear it to school, to church, and to bed if we let him! His birthday is this weekend, and I can tell you there WILL be "Woody" gifts there, so he'll get to wear his costume then....and likely several dozen more times before it gets too small, or gets worn out...whichever comes first!

Well, have a blessed day in Christ!

Mama Bear

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