Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My New Adventure - Young Living Essential Oils

I can't hardly believe that it's been over a year since I last posted! Well, yes, I can believe it. Life just has a way of taking over, and some things become a little less important (such as blogging). I'm SO excited about my new adventure that I just HAD to share it! I am now and Independent Rep for Young Living Essential Oils! I have been using the oils for our family for about 3 months now, and I really love this natural way of taking care of aches & pains, coughs & colds, stressful days, sleeplessness, hormonal issues, personal hygiene, and SO much more!

One of the things that I'm SUPER excited about is this month's Premium Starter Kit! Oh my WORD this is insane... For a LIMITED TIME ONLY the Premium Starter Kit has some incredible changes... Instead of Purification Blend? DiGize. Oh.....DiGize, it's perfect for all of those yucky tummy issues we sometimes have to deal with, whether from lactose intolerance or a nasty tummy bug that's going around. And instead of Frankincense, which is already a very very valuable oil... Sacred Frankincense, which is like regular Frank to the n-th degree (skin, pain, headaches, healing, etc).

All together this is nearly $30 MORE in oils for the same $150. They're estimating supplies at two weeks...I think it will go faster than that. HURRY UP!!! Comment here or PM if you have questions or want to jump ON it before this amazing offer reverts back to the regular amazing offer. 
(Haha, it's true. The PSK is a killer deal either way!)

If you'd like to order your Premium Starter Kit from me, I am personally offering a $20 Credit to your account when you order during the month of September!!!!  Go to our Young Living website and sign up as a Wholesale Member. Please use my member #1762073 when you sign up, to ensure that I am able to put the $20 in your account.  

Sometimes you may hear the “Wholesale Membership” referred to as a “Distributor” - that never means that you HAVE to build a business. Of course, if you want to, you can. In fact, to Distribute YL you don’t have to buy some fancy additional kit, you don’t have to purchase $1000 of product and we will NEVER suggest you carry a stockpile of Oils to sell to friends. Distributors get the same starter kits regular Wholesale Members do, they’ve just made some money by telling friends/family about the amazing Oils.  And you'll still ALWAYS get your products at 24% off!!!

Questions? Email me! I'm happy to answer any questions or give more information.

Have a BLESSED day!

Mama Bear

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