Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Ultimate Deliverance

In my reading of "Running Scared" by Ed Welch, I have discovered something. It could very well be that Jesus' miracles of raising people from the dead were done so that when God raised Jesus from the dead, people would truly believe what had been done...what an amazing deliverance had been accomplished!

Imagine if they had never seen or heard of anyone being raised from the dead. No one would believe in Christ's resurrection!

To quote Welch, "Little did anyone realize that all the stories of deliverance had just reached their climax. In the death and resurrection of Jesus, the hinge of history turned. Captives were freed. The poor were made rich. Invalids were made whole. And there was no longer any condemnation for those who followed King Jesus and put their trust in him rather than themselves. The REAL deliverance was not the manna in the wilderness, but the Bread of Life given for us. The ultimate deliverance was not our rescue from the jaws of death, because any temporal deliverance from death meant only that death was postponed. The real deliverance was the death of death secured by the death of Jesus Christ."


Mama Bear

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