Thursday, July 15, 2010

What I Did Over My Summer Vacation...

Right now, Papa Bear is home all day, every day, recovering from carpal tunnel surgery. He's been "off work" since early June pretty much, and I LOVE it! I know most couples wouldn't be able to stand being together that often, but we're pretty different from most couples. We have been really enjoying our kiddos, and our garden. We've even made it to the park every now and then, and to the library. Due to getting stitches out too soon, it appears that he will be out through September, so that will give us a lot of opportunity to spend MORE time together. Yahoo! Here are some photos of what we've been up to lately!

Taught our 16 year old some great photography tips, while we photographed Baby Girl.

Tasted some of our first produce from our garden, including this delicious tomato, some carrots, radish, garlic greens, onion greens, green beans, cherry tomatoes,
strawberries, and basil.

Played in the water park with friends from church.

Participated in a July "Easter Egg Hunt" and park play date with the same friends from church.

Photographed my youngest brother, Chris' wedding in New Mexico on June 26.

Got to see my little sister get baptized while in New Mexico for the wedding.

Took sunset photos in New Mexico (in my parents' back yard), while there for the wedding.

And that's not all! (Nor is it in chronological order) I will be sharing more of what we've been doing this summer as I get the chance. I stumbled upon a blog today, where the author mentioned how she wanted to try to keep up with her blog, so that she could "preserve" more of those very special family moments. That inspired me to do this post, and more posts to come. I hope you enjoy these posts!

God bless,
Mama Bear

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