Saturday, May 29, 2010

I'm Really a Digital Photography Newbie

I know it might sound weird, because I've been using a digital camera for at least 10 years now, but I am truly a newbie when it comes to digital photography. I used to just be a "point and shoot girl", but now with a brand new camera, and my youngest brother's wedding coming up (where I have been asked to be the photographer), I am really digging and delving into whatever I can find online that will help me learn how to take amazing photos.

DPS, or Digital Photography School, has quickly become one of my favorite places to learn. I'm no techie by any means. I STRUGGLE with technology! (I still have a Motorola Razr cell phone, even though Papa Bear asked me if I wanted to upgrade and update.) I'm not the kind of girl who can read through a manual and just "get it". I have to learn by doing, and by making mistakes, and by accidentally coming up with something fantastic!

Here are some of the photos I've taken recently, with the help of some great gems I've picked up from DPS, and from my friend Julie:

So, what do you think? I'm sure having fun, and I'll be posting more photos as I learn more!

Have a blessed day in Christ,

Mama Bear

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