Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Weight Loss Coach

Papa Bear just ordered this for me, to use with Brother Bear's DS. Not that he is thinking "Boy! She really needs to lose weight, so I'll buy her a practical gift to aid her with her efforts.". No, he knows how much I really want to stay focused and have accountability. Not that a "game" is really a lot of accountability, but it will help.

Today is my first day using the pedometer that comes with the game. If you have this too, I'm sure you know that the pedometer is NOT accurate! I took it off while driving, and it bounced around a couple of times, and added a few extra steps to my total. Oh well. I wasn't wearing it all day, and I was walking, so I don't mind.

I will be starting a weight loss program at my gym too, so that's going to be great! I'm excited about it. I will be able to work with 3 personal trainers, get some nutritional advice, and work out with other women who are wanting to lose weight. The class is for 8 weeks, twice a week. I'm kind of bummed that the classes are in the evening from 7:30 to 8:30, because that's really time with my family, but I think this will be worth it. Papa Bear will have to tape The Biggest Loser for me!

If you are wanting to lose some weight too, I have a blog just for women who are really wanting to lose weight and need some (private) friendships and accountability to help out. Just email me, and I'll give you the details. Anyone can join the blog at any time. There's no fees to join. There's no minimum time required. The gals who are there now are super friendly, open and honest, and working hard at losing 15% of their weight. The name of the blog is The 15% Club, but you can only find it if I give you an invite. Yep, I told you it was private. No one else can see it, except for those who have the secret handshake. :-)

This is going to be an intense journey, but my baby brother is getting married one year from this coming Saturday, and I plan on being about 50 pounds lighter by then...if not more. Are ya with me?

Mama Bear

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