Monday, April 20, 2009

Baby Bear's First Fishing Trip

This past Saturday was beautiful, and it was a great time to head over to the Reservoir to go fishing. Notice, I didn't say "catching". We got a few really good bites, but the fish got away! A little frustrating, but a good time had by all anyway. It was Baby Bear's first fishing trip, and we think he really enjoyed it. Once he got used to the place (it was all new for him), he settled in and got down and the dirt that is. Almost in the mud!

We all had poles in the water, trying different baits about every 45 minutes like the fishing report suggested. They bit on the chunky cheese Powerbait (don't think that's the actual name, but that's what we were calling it), and on the garlic Powerbait. We even had worms on the hooks, but no worms got taken, even by the diving ducks!

A few snacks, lots of water (because it was hot!), some sunscreen, a camera, a DS game, a little bucket and shovel, and a good all made for a wonderful day together as a family. And a "cheap date" too! At least if you don't count the cost of the fishing licenses for Papa Bear and me.

Baby Bear even caught a few zzzzzz's while out there. He actually fell asleep in his chair, so we covered him with my jacket and the umbrella, giving him a little breezeway, so he wouldn't get overheated.

I'd love to hear about your fishing trips, and see your photos. Or even about a fun family outing. Leave me a comment, and I'll head over to your blog to check it out!

Mama Bear

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